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Haruki Murakami inspires some pretty great fan art.


street art mixing in with nature



Pokemon X Nanoblock - Gangar (Gengar)

Excuse me I need this


Tempers flare at the bi-annual Bald-Suit convention when a tank-topped guy with hair shows up.


Tempers flare at the bi-annual Bald-Suit convention when a tank-topped guy with hair shows up.

Anonymous asked:

As a mom I love how positive you are being about yourself and I love your blog but also as a mom I have to ask how you can be pro-choice. I have a baby boy and I was single and poor when I got pregnant but I don't understand how any woman can make that kind of choice. If I had gone through with it he would not be here. I guess it should be legal but I would never call myself pro-choice. To me that means you think abortion is A-OK.


Ah, thank you so much. :) I’m glad to hear that.

This is a tough question for me to answer, because I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about it. But I’m really happy you asked. Sorry if this gets repetitive, or isn’t well said.

You having your son, despite your rough circumstances, was your choice. You had your say in what happened to your body. Other women should be able to have their say, too. No matter the circumstances.

Even if the woman just feels she isn’t ready to have a child, she should not be required to birth that child. There are other options, yes, but it is ultimately her body, and her choice. While the fetus has the possibility of growing into a living, breathing baby, the mother is already living and breathing, and bringing another human being into the world is a life altering choice. If she does not want that child, she should not be forced into having it.

I understand where you’re coming from. And I know how you feel. But you have to remember that, just because a woman is getting an abortion, or considering one, doesn’t mean it was an easy choice for her, or that she doesn’t have feelings of guilt or regret about terminating the pregnancy. I dont think anyone could have zero qualms about a choice that serious. But how a woman feels about having it isn’t the issue here. The issue is that she should be able to, if that’s what she wants. It is a tough desicion for most, but the woman should be legally allowed to make that desicion.

Regardless of whether the woman just isn’t cut out to be mother, or they can’t afford to have the baby, or they were raped, etc, it’s their body, and every woman should have the legal right to an abortion. I don’t necessarily think abortion is a great thing, or “A-Ok,” as you put it. Its a very sad thing, and nothing anyone would do eagerly or happily, but I think all women should have the right to one, if that is their choice.

Please feel free to message me again, if you have more questions about this. But if you could, please do it off anon, so we can have a private discussion. Thank you. :)


Pokemon - Misty Cosplay by Zeek

Photography by Beethy, E, and Jadeabella


Kara Paris Halliwell by Pete Williamson Photography


Kara Paris Halliwell by Pete Williamson Photography

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You are so friggin beautiful!

Accessory or Identity: What Does Your Hair Mean to You? →


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

When I wear my hair loose (which is rarely) it is big, kinky, … and foreign to other people.  I have had the occasional stranger’s hand in my strands.  I have had individuals approach me asking, “How do you do that?”

Many of us have had similar experiences to the above mentioned.  We have had all sorts of people indirectly tell us what our hair means to them.  However, what does our hair mean to us?  What does your hair mean to you?  Here are four of many perspectives:

1. Your hair is your crowning glory.

Your hair is your most beautiful feature.  You treat it like the finest silk.  Health and length are top priorities on your list. Expensive products are not off limits.  Your hair reflects all your hard work and care.  It is your crowning glory.

2. Your hair is just an accessory.

Your hair is like a bag or bracelet – something that adds to your overall look.  You do not mind wearing it long or shaving it short.  You do not mind dyeing your hair or putting in highlights.  You can texturize it tomorrow and then big chop next month.  You are not concerned about length but about style.  Your hair is an accessory.

3. Your hair is a statement.

Your hair sends a message – be it that “you are proud to be natural”, “you are your own person”, or something else.  When you style your hair in the morning, the look you choose is more than just a “look”.  It is like your bumper sticker; it says something loud and clear.  Your hair is a statement.

4. Your hair is an extension of you.

Your hair is an extension of your identity.  To dye it or fry it would be to deny a part of you.  To texturize it or to perm it would be akin to wearing a mask.  Your natural curls, coils, or kinks are here to stay for as long as you are here.  Your hair is an extension of you.

What is your hair to you?  Is hair really just hair?

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